October 2017: Two new articles published by Webpoleu researchers: A practice-based approach to online participation: young people’s participatory habitus as a source of their diverse online engagement by Giovanna Mascheroni on the International Journal of Communication and Political talk on mobile instant messaging services: a comparative analysis of Germany, Italy, and the UK by Augusto Valeriani and Cristian Vaccari on Information, Communication and Society.

October 2016: Two new articles published by Webpoleu researchers: Online Mobilization in Comparative Perspective: Digital Appeals and Political Engagement in Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom by Cristian Vaccari on how mobilization messages received via email and social media may affect political participation on Political Communication and Of Echo Chambers and Contrarian Clubs: Exposure to Political Disagreement Among German and Italian Users of Twitter by C. Vaccari, A. Valeriani, P. Barberá, J. Jost, J. Nagler and J. Tucker on Social Media + Society (Open access!)

November 2015: Two new articles published by Webpoleu researchers: News diets, social media use and non-institutional participation in three communication ecologies: comparing Germany, Italy and the UK by Lorenzo Mosca and Mario Quaranta on Information, Communication and Society  and Accidental exposure to politics on social media as online participation equalizer in Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom  by Augusto Valeriani and Cristian Vaccari on New Media & Society.

September 2015:  The practice of participation: Youth’s vocabularies around on- and offline civic and political engagement a research paper by Giovanna Mascheroni has been published in [email protected]Working Paper Series.

May 2015: Digital Literacies and Civic Literacies: Theoretical Issues, Research Questions and Methodological Approaches. Article by Giovanna Mascheroni and Maria Francesca Murru has been published on MEDIJSKA ISTRAŽIVANJA.

January 2015: Political Expression and Action on Social Media: Exploring the Relationship Between Lower- and Higher-Threshold Political Activities Among Twitter Users in Italy. Article by C. Vaccari, A. Valeriani, P. Barberá, R. Bonneau, J. Jost, J. Nagler and J. Tucker just published on Journal of Computer Mediated Communication, a top-ranking Communication journal (Open Access)

What is WebPolEU about?

Our project aims at studying the nexus between politics and social media in comparative perspective from the viewpoint of both citizens and political actors. By analyzing digital literacy, online political participation, and political discussion on social media, our research will evaluate the inclusiveness, representativeness and quality of political discussion and participation online in Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. Thanks to recently established collaborations, our project will also expand to studying social media and politics in Australia and the United States.

By studying how political actors communicate online and how citizens relate to party leaders and city mayors on social media, our project will clarify whether and to what extent the supply of online political communication meets citizens’ demand and whether digital media afford effective opportunities to secure control by the governed over those who govern them. Comparing Germany, Italy and the UK will allow us to test hypotheses related to systemic and institutional factors and to comprehend the development of online politics in three political systems that are relevant for the definition of Europe’s global role.

WebPolEU is a research project funded by the Italian Ministry of Universtiy and Research and involves a team of researchers from Università di Bologna, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Università di Roma Tre.